Welcome to my new site / blog!  I am so excited that you are here.  If you’ve followed me over from my personal blog NarniaMum, or from Indie Jane, then you probably already know that Jessica Grey is the pen name for Jessica Melendez.  Grey is my mother’s maiden name, and my first book, Awake: A Sleeping Beauty Story is dedicated to my late grandfather, Charles Richard Grey, who was a huge influence in my life and a great reader.  He introduced me to Mary Stewart, one of my biggest literary influences, and I still have his copies of his (and mine!) favorite Stewart novels.  I actually began using Grey as a pen name when I was in middle school, and so when I decided to publish under one, it was the best and most obvious choice.


I am looking forward to blogging about my upcoming novels, writing, reading, good music, and other fun stuff.  I hope that you will stick around and join in!

I’ve got links to my favorite authors, book bloggers, writing resources, and bands on my Resources page and descriptions of my current works in progress on my Current Projects page.  Feel free to check them out!



6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m a little jealous of your awesome new site and new name. I’m not planning to poach the name, but if you wanted to offer tips to someone who might be starting her own website soon… *cough*

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