From the Playlist: Thrice

I love music!  It is a huge part of my writing process.  I know there are some people that need silence to write, or listen to instrumental music because lyrics distract them, but I need a certain level of distraction to be able to write.  I’m going to be featuring some of my favorite writing playlist authors and bands here on my blog.


I have been doing a lot of editing recently on Awake: A Sleeping Beauty Story and the first band I am featuring, while great for writing, is insanely awesome for editing.  There is something about them that emboldens me and I definitely need to be a bold editor!

Thrice is an “alternative-modern-rock” band from Irvine, California.  They’ve been together since 1998, but I am the first to admit that I am a much newer fan.  Sometimes I am just late to the party.  Their newest album Major/Minor is mind-blowingly good.  There is not a skippable track.  I’ve added it to my very short list of “play through” albums.  Although I am obsessed with Major/Minor, all of there albums are great.  There are seven others:

Identity Crisis (2001)

The Illusion Of Safety (2002)

The Artist In The Ambulance (2003)

Vheissu (2005)

The Alchemy Index: Fire and Water (2007)

The Alchemy Index: Earth and Air (2008)

Beggars (2009)


If you are super hip and cool (or Luke Reed from my novel who only owns a turntable), you can even get all of these albums in vinyl.


For your viewing pleasure – a video!



Oh, how about another one . . . just for kicks!



You can follow Thrice on Twitter and on Facebook.  Their official website is chock-full of goodness too.


For more from my writing playlist check out my Resources page . . . more fun posts to come too!  And I am always open to band recommendations!


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