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Quick reminder! My fairytale giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 15th (that is this Tuesday).  I’m moving Monday so there is a total possibility that I will be so out of my head crazy that I’ll forget to remind you all before then.  So consider this your official reminder.  Get those entries in people!


I posted about this the other day on Facebook but it is the definition of “the awesome” so I feel it deserves its own post.


Have you heard of Klout?  It’s supposedly a measure of social networking influence.  If you are on Twitter or Facebook you have a Klout number even if you aren’t signed up for Klout.  They use some creepster big brother software to figure out what “topics” you are influential about.  Personally, I am pretty convinced the whole thing is a total crock, especially because they recently changed the way they measure your “klout” and traumatized large groups of people by telling them that they suddenly weren’t as influential as they thought…




For the longest time my author twitter account only had one topic that I was “influential” about – videos.  Don’t ask me why.  My best guess is the Taylor Swift video I tweeted about (I posted it here on the blog, its got a cute guy in a cravat so is totally worth a watch).  So, yeah, I post one video and shazam! I’m all influential and stuff about videos in general.  Uh-huh.  The other day the Klout Topic Fairy (unfortunately not a real thing, I might be more into Klout if they had an actual fairy, just sayin’) must have visited my profile because I got tons of ah-mah-zing new topics.


And because they are so hilarious and entertaining I am going to share them with you!  Don’t you just feel lucky and blessed and like the universe is smiling on you?  You should.


Topics Jessica Grey is “Influential” About:


Roller Coaster









High School



Um, is this not the most amazing list ever?  Don’t I just sound like a totally cool chick that you would want to hang out with?  It is as if Klout has looked into my very soul!  Or just read my tweets with their freaky 1984-esque software.


So, now you should definitely read my first novel, Awake: A Fairytale, when it comes out cause it’s all about High School (sorta) and Magic (yes, most definitely!) and Baseball (a little bit) and I am totally influential about those things.


I suppose you could ask, from a practical point of view, how one is influential about a topic such as “magic,” but then you’d ruin it for the rest of us.  So just don’t.  But do feel free to congratulate me on my awesomeness and let me know what kick-ass topics you are influential about!


7 thoughts on “Influential Topic Awesomeness

  1. I bow down to you mighty awesomeness that is you!!

    I haven’t logged onto klout in a few weeks. Need to check out my most recent topics.

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  3. i love all my influence topics too, except for one: Pittsburgh Penguins. i don’t know how in the world that one got on there. otherwise i’m hollywood, star trek, Jesus… ( :

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