Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Two steps forward and one step back.  That is what the last few days of working on Awake have felt like. Okay, if I were to be totally honest it has actually felt more like one step forward and two back…

I’ve rewritten the epilogue two full times in the last few days.  I had to email my copy editor and tell him to stop working on chapter seven because I’d changed something at the end and needed to alter that chapter to set up the end.  Last night I finally emailed him my final, final rewrite.  A new scene in chapter seven, an entirely brand-spanking new chapter twenty-one, and a shorter, tighter epilogue (now with more Luke!).

And why was I doing all of this craziness at the last minute?  Because I trust my beta readers.  And when someone that I trust says “this doesn’t work, they are coming off as selfish,” I listen!  And when they tell me “I need more Luke,” I also listen!  Cause really, who doesn’t need more of a hot, tall, blond baseball hunk?

I’ve spent about 16 of the last 48 hours editing and rewriting, so basically two work days.  My injured wrist is not happy with me.  And while I am slaving over my manuscript what are my kids doing?  They are busting a move!  I came home to this video the other night:



Yeah, this is the kind of thing that goes on in my house.


6 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

    1. Thanks Candy! They don’t get the dancing talent from me. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. For some reason Maddie loves break dancing. I have no idea why, she just loves it. And sometimes she yells “Look! I’m breakin’!” Silly girl. My favorite is the clapping in a circle that James does, it feels so … traditional folk dance-y of him 🙂

  1. Oy, I know the feeling. Sometimes, it feels like if I even look at my MS I create work for myself. However, I know that hiding it away in a hole won’t help anything, so just like you, I pull it out and fix the things that need fixing. Even if it means I miss out on the dancing and get wrist pain instead.

    1. I really thought my wrist was better. Ouch! Not so much after six straight hours!

      Also, I’m really glad my beta reader told me just how crap she thought it was. It definitely wasn’t my favorite part, but now I like it so much better!

  2. Pretty sure this applies to all of life, not just editing. (I have one of those annoying mothers that is ALWAYS right about EVERYTHING. Every once in awhile I don’t listen, thinking she has to be wrong some time. But no, never. Woman is always right.) Betas are heaven. Now I just wish mine weren’t so busy writing their own books and have more time to read my stuff. 🙂

    1. Sarah, my mom is like that too, except somewhere around age 20 I just gave into the inevitable “Mom Is Always Right” and now it doesn’t annoy me!

      It is awesome having beta readers you trust…and beta readers who aren’t afraid to call you on your crap! But it is hard when everyone has such busy, busy lives!

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