2012 – The Year of Win

2012 – The Year of Win.  This might be the worst title of a blog post ever.  I’m just going to go ahead and apologize for it right off that bat.  But I am not going to change it because a) I am too lazy and b) okay, really it’s just that I’m too lazy.  I’d like to pretend I have a second reason, but I don’t.


I hate New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I don’t keep them.  However, for some unknown reason I did make a 2012 Goals List which I’ve posted (and commented on in rather too much detail) over on Indie Jane today.  I thought about just copying and pasting it over here, but that would be like cheating, right?


So here is my second New Years post of the day.  For a girl who doesn’t love the whole resolving process, this is kind of shocking.  And tiring.  I might have to go to bed now, thinking ahead really takes it out of me.


Just so we are clear: this is not a goal post.  Or a resolution post.


Instead, here are the things I am most looking forward to in 2012.


1.  My flying car and the transparent plastic bubble the government is coming out to install on my house.  Oh wait. We don’t have those?  Fail.  I’ve been sold a bill of goods by sci-fi movies.


2.  The world ending.  The exciting part about the Mayan calendar ending is that it stops on my 11th wedding anniversary.  Awesome.


3.  Awake: A Fairytale coming out.  Thrilled doesn’t begin to cover this one.


4.  Going to the Jane Austen Society of North America’s Annual General Meeting in New York and meeting some of the fabulous Indie Jane ladies.  I plan to not sleep much.  I plan to eat too much and enjoy adult beverages at a “girls night.”  I’m just warning you all.


5.  Finishing Attempting Elizabeth and getting it out.  I really love the whole editing and prep phase and I can’t wait to get to it with AE.


6.  Working more on my Beauty and the Beast redux.  I miss it.  I haven’t worked on it since September!


7.  Getting my sewing machine fixed.


8.  Being a mommy to a big girl four year old (omg, what?) and a big boy three year old!


There’s my list.  What’s on yours?




8 thoughts on “2012 – The Year of Win

  1. Yes… I seem to remember commenting on a similar post this morning. I’ve got big things coming this year!

    1) Continued success with His Good Opinion
    2) Editing my Col. Fitzwilliam story and releasing it in late summer
    3) Going to the JASNA AGM in October
    4) Going to San Francisco in November
    5) Possibly a trip to Disneyland

    1. Nancy – I wanna go to Disneyland! Sob! They are staying open 24 hours on 2/29. Dude, if I was there I would totally stay the whole 24 just to say I did!

      We are going to have so much fun at the AGM. Omg!

      1. You should not have told me that. You really, really, should not have told me that. What day is the 29th? A Thursday? Yeah… can’t go, but dang it! Why did you have to tell me that??

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