Is it Time for Baseball Yet?

Here’s the deal: I love baseball.  After I made my “writing schedule” for this year I realized that I hadn’t accounted for baseball season.  I actually have to go back and readjust some goals because once my team starts spring training I will be watching every game.  This is not a joke, people, this is a serious scheduling conflict.  Mid-October – February to me is just the “off-season.” Yeah things happen like Christmas and New Year, blah, blah, blah…when does baseball start again?


So, I thought it would be fun, as we all sit here waiting for life, I mean baseball season, to start, to share with you about why I root for my team…but first, a ridiculously adorable picture of one of my little Angels fans:



Why I am an Angels Fan


a) I adore red
b) When it comes to rallies I prefer funny, furry animals to hankies or “rags”
c) You can great food at the Big A
d) I’ve always liked the song “Calling All Angels” by Train

While all of the above are true, they’re not the only reasons that I’m an Angels fan.  That would make me shallow.  Awesome, but shallow.

I was raised in Southern California.  I could easily be a Dodgers fan, and I was for most of my youth.  My mom actually read my brothers and me Orel Hershiser’s autobiography when we were kids (from which fact you can deduce that I have the coolest mom in the world and that I come by my obsessive personality honestly).  However, for the last fifteen years or so my heart has belonged to the team on the other side of the freeway series…and maybe it isn’t so surprising that a kid raised on Lasorda’s Dodgers would end up loving Scioscia’s Angels.

2010 was kind of horrible year for us Angels fans, it was like the hits kept coming and never let up.  2011 had moments of extreme highs and lows.  There were times in the season that I felt a bit manic.  “We are dead in the water, this is hopeless, why is there no alcohol in my soft drink? … Oh look at that Trumbomb right over the rocks! We are back in this thing!”  And then right back to the depths.  Climbing all those peaks and valleys is tiring.

Here’s the thing: basbeall is like life.  You don’t always make it to the post-season. Not every year can be a championship year. Sometimes you lose more games than you’d like.  You can get frustrated.  Unexpected hardships and injuries can damage your offense.

The Angels play great baseball. Even in a bad year there things I know to be true and that I am proud of:

We don’t cheat.
We play as a team.
We believe in the fundamentals of the sport.
We never, ever give up.

This is why I am an Angels fan.  This is why I am glad my children are becoming Angels fans.  This is how I hope they play the game of life.


5 thoughts on “Is it Time for Baseball Yet?

  1. Superb post!!! Yes, say what you will about all other sports. Baseball is still America’s favorite pastime! It’s an American sport for a reason! I for one can not wait for this year’s season to begin!! Much promise! Let’s go Angels!!!

    Hey, and cute kid too!

  2. I’m not an Angels fan personally, but I love your point at the end–sometimes you don’t always win, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of the way you’ve played. Even if I hadn’t had the success with my book that I have, I still would be proud of all the hard work I put into getting it out there.

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