January Self-Published Reading Challenge Reviews

What’s the Self-Published Reading Challenge you ask?  Good question!  See my post about it here.  I’ve committed to the “Paragraph Level” which means I will be reading 10 books by self-published authors.

I’ve made a decent dent in my goal this month by reading three.  Two reviews were for Indie Jane, and one I reviewed just for my blog.


First up is Dear Miss Darcy by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess.  I reviewed Dear Miss Darcy on Indie Jane, you can find my review here (it has also been posted on Amazon and Goodreads).



I gave Dear Miss Darcy a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  It was a fun, modern take on Austen and Pride and Prejudice, without being a straight up remake.


I also reviewed another Austenesque book, Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliot on Indie Jane.  You can read that review here (as well as Amazon and Goodreads, we like cross-posting!).  There is actually a giveaway for this book going on over at Indie Jane as well.



I gave Georgiana Darcy’s Diary 5 out of 5 stars – only the third book I’ve done that with on Indie Jane.  I really loved the format, which is unusual because I don’t always adore “diary” style books, and I thought Georgiana’s voice was fabulous, she just jumped right off the page.


Lastly, for this month, I read Late to the Wedding by Laura Briggs.  I bought this book after reading and enjoying Dear Miss Darcy earlier in the month.  Laura Briggs has several books up on Amazon that are in the “sweet romance” category.  I was hoping for something light and fun and Late to the Wedding did not disappoint.


When Evelyn Chase discovers an unopened letter from her ex-fiance, Jared, behind a piece of furniture, she realizes that he still loves her (or did four months before).  When she calls her brother to get her Jared’s current phone number she makes the even more surprising discovery that her ex is getting married in just a few days.  Determined to stop Jared from making the worst mistake of his life, the usually practical and non-spontaneous Evelyn decides to travel across five states to declare her love to Jared before the wedding.

Unfortunately for Evelyn, nature itself seems to be against her.  A huge storm has grounded all flights, and convention goers have commandeered all available rentals and most taxis.  Her only hope is the seemingly rough-around-the-edges hack cab driver Brian Stoker.

As they try to make the five state drive in under two days they meet with a series of obstacles and some colorful local characters.  As Evelyn is forced to examine her own motives, as well as her assumptions about her handsome and intriguing driver, she begins to wonder if Jared is who she really wants after all.

Late to the Wedding was a fun, sweet, and relatively fluffy (in a good way, like cotton candy!) read, which is what I was expecting from it.  I enjoy Briggs’s style of writing heroines.  They aren’t overly sassy and together, and they also aren’t so insecure and wishy-washy that you get tired of them.  She strikes a nice balance.

I have one complaint about this book – the sections from Brian’s point of view.  They were actually really good…the voice was totally believable…but they only happened twice!  And the first one occurred so late in the book that by then I’d just assumed the entire novel was written in the heroine’s pov, so it was kind of jarring to switch suddenly.  I wish that there had been more of Brian’s pov earlier in the story.

In spite of that one issue, I think Late for the Wedding is more than a worthwhile read, especially if you enjoy sweet romances.  I plan to read more from Laura Briggs.

4 out of 5 stars.





2 thoughts on “January Self-Published Reading Challenge Reviews

  1. Marianne – Fleeing the snow sounds nice 😉 Have fun getting warm and reading 🙂 Any of these are great, there’s also a new Jennifer Becton mystery coming out at the end of the month – Death Benefits, that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I’ll just have to imagine I’m somewhere warm when I am reading it!

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