Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the release and first month of sales of Awake: A Fairytale a huge success.


After having the ebook of Awake: A Fairytale on sale at multiple retailers I decided to enroll it in Amazon’s KDP Select program, which means if you have Amazon Prime you can “borrow” and read it for free.  It also enabled me to be able to have some from promotional days for Awake.  I did a free promo on 2/29 and I gave away over 11,600 copies!  That number is absolutely mind-blowing to me!  I managed to make #1 free in children’s ebooks and #9 free over all in the Amazon rankings.  Thank you to everyone who downloaded my book, to everyone who tweeted and face booked, and told their friends.  I am so thankful!



I’m also totally thrilled to announce that I have sold over 700 copies of Awake (plus over 200 borrows from Prime members).  A huge thanks to everyone who has purchased Awake and contributed to it’s success.  As a first time author with basically no advertising budget this is so exciting for me.  I know that so much of this early success is due to my readers getting the word out about Awake and I cannot express how appreciative I am!


Thank you!





6 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Hi Jessica, I was one of those 11,000+ people who downloaded your book for free on Amazon. Started reading it today and having the worst time putting it down – I have to work (obviously not a YA 🙂 Looking forward to buying the other two books!

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