Writing Through the Mom Guilt

There are a lot of writing tips sites and helpful authors that suggest writing a little bit every day.  This doesn’t work for me.  I tend to write in large chunks just a few days a week for several reasons:

1.  I cannot write at home.

a) Because I have toddlers.

b) Because I am horribly distraction prone.

c) both a and b.

2.  My husband works a lot .  Not only does he have a full time job, he also runs a graphic design/web business.

3.  Our Starbucks is only open until 9pm.  Shocking. This means:

a) IF my husband gets home by 7, and I get out the door by 7:30…I have 1.5 hours to write.

b)  I then am drinking espresso at 8pm. Usually a bad life choice.

4.  I can’t think clearly before 9am. So even though Starbucks is open at 5 that doesn’t work.

5. My husband’s days off (when he takes them), are Friday and Saturday.

All of this means…Friday and Saturday are when I write.  I try to squeeze in the occasional week night, but it’s hard.  I managed to power through 7600 words in the several hours I was able to go out and write this weekend.  In a way it’s good having such limited time because I can’t waste too much of it not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

On top of actually finding the time to write, the other issue is my kid’s reactions when I leave.  My son (2) has always had separation anxiety, but recently he’s sucked his older sister into the vortex of drama.  They scream, they cry, the yell “Don’t leave us! Don’t go writin’!”  It’s like guilt sprinkles on a guilt sundae.  And no gift keeps on giving like the heartfelt gift of Mom Guilt.

Here is what happens when I leave the house.  Only one of the scenes in this trailer was staged.  My husband decided to video their reactions to me leaving the house to “go writin.'”  the result is this movie trailer for “Spooky House.”

So if you’ve wondered why I’m planning for there to be a whole year between my books…that’s why.  Because every 2000 words or so comes with a repeat of “Spooky House.”


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