In Which I Claim God as a Member of My Flash Mob

A few random facts:


I love the movie Newsies.  Really, what is not to love?  A young Christian Bale singing and dancing?  Sign me up, please!  This movie happened to come out when I was 12, so I was the perfect age to become mildly obsessed.  I have passed on my obsession to my younger friends…I’ve been known to host a Newsies movie watching sleepover or two.



I have this annoying habit of singing and dancing in public.  This is kind of awkward because I am not a great singer, and I am an even worse dancer.  However, I am a total goofball.  I’m also really good at denial.  Once my boss pointing out that I sang and danced around the office all of the time and I was like “I never do that,” and he and my co-worker/best friend just looked at me as if I was telling them the sky was purple.  They’re right.  I do.  I even, occasionally, perform amazing dance maneuvers with the grocery cart in the store.  I’ve also been known to boogie with my kids in the cereal aisle.


This summer my good friend Becca came to visit for a whole month.  It was awesome.  My kids totally think she is their big sister or something.  According to them their family consists of Mommy, Daddy, Becca, and Grammy.  Becca shares my fascination with Newsies (and a name with the main character in Atone, this is not an accident, but more on that later).  I was determined that before the summer was out we were somehow going to create an awesome Newsies inspired flash mob and take Helena, Montana by storm.


A really distressingly bad picture of me but good picture of Becca and my kids in front of a waterfall outside Rimini, Montana this summer.


Tragically, my flash mob didn’t materialize quite the way I wanted it to because, well, there were only two of us.  We managed to sing a few songs and do some choreography at 11pm in the parking lot of Hastings…but it’s not quite the same as a full on, Youtube worthy, flash mob when there are only two relatively goofy girls in it.


I, however, tried to convince Becca that our flash mob was way more awesome than it was.  I told her, there were actually three people in it.  She was pretty sure there were only the two of us because, you know, she was there at the time.  I argued, no, three.  I’m counting God in my flash mob.


And then she broke my heart.


She told me I couldn’t count God in my flash mob.


The nerve!


I tried to argue the “wherever two or more are gathered,” point… but it was a no go.  Our flash mob must remain, sadly, only two members.


I still think it would be awesome to do a Newsies flash mob.  Someday I will make it happen with more than just two girls.  And I don’t care what anyone else says, God will totally be a member of my flash mob.


11 thoughts on “In Which I Claim God as a Member of My Flash Mob

  1. loved this! and i’m totally in agreement with you :)) God is DEF with us @ ALL times !
    as to your pic? 0 wrong with it & actually verry nice in my humblest but valid opinion 😉
    adding my Huge TY for the pkg in the post i picked up today..
    YES! AWAKE has ARRIVED !!… Thank you Jessica!

  2. Wait just one second! I just now figured out that you are in MT! I was born and raised not far from where you are now! Awesome!!! Now I am going to go back and actually read the rest of this post!! 🙂

  3. God’s there, but if you can’t see him I don’t know if he counts for flash mob purposes. Now, when you get around to actually scheduling and planning a real Newsies flash mob, I am so totally there. I can sing, but I can’t dance. 😉

    1. Nancy, you can sing, but you can’t dance? That’s okay, I think that puts you and Christian Bale on about the same level, right? 😉

  4. I am honored to be in your post. 😀
    I’m glad that this summer worked out – I had a wonderful time with all of you. ❤ That was a great day at Rimini "…maybe we should text someone so that if we don't show up for dinner they'll know where to look for us…" lol Just think, a year from now we'll be taking the east coast by storm – think they'll be ready for us?
    And for anyone who's curious, I can confirm the "dance maneuvers with the grocery cart."

    1. Thanks, Eliza! I’m thinking of organizing a remote flash mob…we’d all record ourselves in various places and then edit it together. I kind of think it would be genius.

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