Plot Tangles

Ack!  I almost don’t even want to write this post because I am convinced I will somehow jinx myself.  What can I say, I’m a baseball fan and we are stupid-stitious to a fault.


Okay, I don’t really believe in jinxes.


Yes, yes I do.


Writing Atone, the second book in my Fairytale Trilogy is proving…challenging.  Why?  Well, a few reasons.  I think first of all there’s the pressure of the sophomore release.  This is a trap most bands fall into.  It has to be amazing, it has to be better than the first, it has to have an ENTIRE orchestra!  And if not the entire orchestra, than at least ALL OF THE STRINGS!!!  With three exclamation points.  Minimum.  The trick is to find balance.  Just tell the darn story in a good way, improve from your first book where you can (ahem, extraneous dialogue tags much Jessica?), and be true to your characters.


Another issue is the whole setting up of the third book that needs to take place in the second.  Set up is important, but it shouldn’t detract from Atone’s storyline, it should flow seamlessly.  It’s not necessarily easy to do, but good things aren’t always easy.


Lastly, there is my writing out of sequence problem.  It’s a disease.  I start writing in the scene where I have the strongest visual image, which for some reason is usually about 1/3 of the way through the book.  This can result in serious plot tangles and issues for myself when I just let myself go.  Conversely, this is usually how I do my best writing. Grrr.


I’m currently trying to go back through the first 1/3 of the novel and work out those tangles, write the stuff that’s missing, and set myself up for the grand finish (the mid part is already pretty solid).  But guys!  I wanna write the END!  Cause it’s awesome and spectabulous and I can SEE it like a movie in my head!  I am trying so very hard to pace myself and wait.  I don’t want to wait!  *commencing tantrum*


On the “Good News to Report” front:  Nicholas and Becca?  Oh heck, yes.  The sparkle and fizz like firecrackers near an open can of gasoline when they’re “on screen” together.  Good times. Seriously good times.


I see the challenges.  I see the pathway out of the challenges.  I am hoping that my feet are firmly on that pathway.  And I’m writing.





5 thoughts on “Plot Tangles

  1. Jessica,
    Have you ever heard of Diana Gabaldon? Super-fabulous author of the Outlander series? She writes out of order then pieces everything together. Just do what comes naturally to you. You’re an awesome writer and it will all work out. (Just hurry up and get the book written, would ya? 😉 )

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I think writing out of sequence would be easier if I was more of a planner, but I’m kind of a seat of my pantser and that gets me in trouble 😉 I do have an “outline” for Atone, though 😉

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