Fairy Tale Friday – Once Upon a Time

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Obsessed.  That’s the only word to describe my extremely co-dependent relationship with the show Once Upon a Time.  I loves it like Gollum loves his Precious.

And the season is ending on Sunday!  I’m dreading it being over for the summer but I am SO excited for the season finale that I can’t wait for Sunday to get here.  I might be slightly conflicted.

Meanwhile, the season one DVD set is available for preorder on Amazon.  It comes out on August 28th.  I just thought I’d share this information with you in case you have to have it in order to continue functioning like a semi-normal human being.  I want behind the scenes featurettes, people, and I want a LOT of them!

Do you watch Once Upon a Time?  Who is your favorite character?  I’ve got a serious girl crush on Snow White (side note: Ginnifer and Jennifer as mother and daughter = genius level casting).  I love Charming in the fairy tale world, but I have to admit, I wish he would man up a bit in the real world.  I’ve got high hopes for him, though.  I can only assume the curse wreaked some serious havoc on him (and the whole being in a coma the whole time and false memories I’m sure hasn’t helped).  My biggest annoyance so far?  That out of all of the little boys that the casting agent looked at for Pinocchio, they couldn’t find ONE who had blue eyes?  August’s eyes are blue for DAYS.  However, I’ve loved everything else so I guess I will let this one itty bitty teeny thing go.

I love sharing theories and speculation over OUAT and what the writers have in store for us.  Got any theories you want to hit me with?  My friend Tori and I have a BIG one, but I don’t want to come off as a total nutcase so I won’t say what it is… yet.



4 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday – Once Upon a Time

  1. Thanks again for linking up for Fairy Tale Friday! I hope to highlight your book next week 🙂 I recently starting watching this show. Fortunately, all the episodes are on hulu. I am pleased with how they have made the show so interesting with the storytelling and the parallels. My husband even enjoys it! It will be interesting to see how they wrap it up, yet start a new storyline for next season.

  2. Thanks for participating this week! I must say I’m super-excited for the ‘Once Upon A Time’ DVD to come out. I fell behind watching back in December and, at a certain point, just decided I would probably enjoy it more without commercials anyway and have been waiting for the DVD anxiously. So pumped!

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