Putting in the Work, Michelle Kwan Style

Writing, like anything else, is a lot of behind the scenes work for a few hours (or however long it takes you to read the book) of “glory.”  You have to put in the hard hours, days, weeks, or years of work to make the team, or hit the home run, or sometimes even to just get out on the field.  But when it all comes together it can be magic.  Which brings me to a complete switch in my sports analogy from baseball to figure skating (this is just how my brain works, people).  I have this huge fangirl crush on Michelle Kwan and have since I was thirteen or so.  This long program of hers at the 2004 Nationals is completely, insanely inspiring.  It’s just a four minute program, we don’t get to see the years of work that she’s put in…but yet in a way we do.  It’s there in every line of her body, every perfect jump, every tight spin.  It’s there in every breath she takes on the ice, and yet that’s not what you SEE.  What you see is a beautiful piece of art.  An athlete at one with their sport.

In no way am I comparing myself to Michelle Kwan…but omg can you imagine being the Michelle Kwan of writing?  Being that consistently brilliant for that long?  Um. Awesome.  That would also means being that consistently dedicated for that long.

What am I trying to say here?  God knows.  Your guess is as good as mine.  I’m just inspired by the woman.  And when you’re in the trenches sometimes you need to be inspired.  Over the last few weeks when I’ve wanted to tear my hair out and scream at the computer and ask the words why they won’t fix themselves (magically, you know, with no effort on my part), it’s helped me to watch this and “see” all her years of hard work.  The work that starts at 4 in the morning in an empty ice rink, landing those damn jumps thousands of times until she had them perfect.  Falling and getting back up and trying it again in spite of the bruises.  “Seeing” all of that in this perfect piece of art.

I warned you I was a fangirl.


3 thoughts on “Putting in the Work, Michelle Kwan Style

  1. That is a much cooler, and way more connected, post than I thought it was gonna be. Er, not that yours posts are generally un-cool, but when I start to think “Olympians,” that’s not normally the direction my thoughts take… :/
    Great point though, and definitely something to think about: If I want to medal, I’ve got to train…
    …And now my mind is officially wandering…down my own happy Olympian trails…ahem… 😉

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