Fairy Tale Friday – FaeryPin Flash Fiction Entry

Anna at Yearning for Wonderland is at it again with her fairy tale inspired flash fiction madness.  This time it was a week long contest (today is the last day to link up, look at me getting in all under the wire), and the mission was to write a 300 word flash fiction piece inspired by one of the many glorious pictures on her Faerytaleish Pinterest board (of which I am contributing pinner who has thus far contributed a big fat nothing).


My inspiration picture for this piece was pinned by the lovely Ang, which isn’t surprising cause she’s got really good taste and thinks that Luke Reed, the hero of Awake, is a total hottie.  She’s right.


And, just cause I’m awesome and, well, frankly, awesome really covers it without the need for another adjective…I’m also linking this up with Fairy Tale Friday meme on Books4Learning and Literary Transgressions.  That’s right, it’s a double link up! Say, wha?



Here’s my inspiration picture and this week’s little bit of fairy tale goodness:




He had come.

She’d dreamed of being rescued so many times. She’d rehearsed it in her head over and over, planning what she would say and do.  She’d wondered who it might be that would stumble across her tower in the farthest corner of the forest: a woodcutter, or a hunter, perhaps a merchant who had lost his way.  Maybe an old medicine woman would be looking for herbs and find her instead.

Then he had come and been more than she’d ever dreamed, more young, handsome, and powerful.  He was tall and broad; the golden circlet had gleamed in his dark hair, declaring to the world his importance.  He had looked up at her with piercing blue eyes from where he sat on top of his horse at the bottom of her tower and she’d known that she would never be the same.

He climbed her braids just like the witch did every day.  With the witch she’d never felt this kind of giddy anticipation.  She’d never before been grateful for her masses of hair.

He’d smiled at her with such an easy, charming smile.  She had shyly smiled back.  He’d teased her name  and her story out of her and told her his.  She’d fallen head over heals with him in little longer than it than it had taken him to introduce himself.

He’d coaxed more out of her than her name.  And she’d given it, freely and without reservation.  Because he was her savior, her freedom.

He had left.

He said he’d come back.  Come back to see her again, to be with her again.  He never mentioned taking her away from her tower, but when he left he took her heart — and her hope — with him.

Instead of gaining her freedom, she had gained another captor.




If  you’re in the mood for some more awesomeness, you must check out my four year old’s entry into this same contest. Yes, you heard me right!  Maddie has entered her first writing contest.  Her piece is only 48 words but it’s all kinds of kick butt.


15 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday – FaeryPin Flash Fiction Entry

  1. +JMJ+

    That’s a cruel twist in the end! =(

    I wonder, though, whether she asked him directly to take her away from the tower. He would have to be really cruel to hear that and still to leave her there with no hope.

  2. I can see why the picture inspired you. It is stunning. Wonderful story. I love the last line: “Instead of gaining her freedom, she had gained another captor.” Thanks for linking up with Fairy Tale Friday.

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