Fairy Tale Friday: Once Upon a Time Compilation

I’m linking this post up as part of the Fairy Tale Friday meme.  Make sure to head on over to Books4Learning and check out all the other links.



I’ve talked about the Once Upon a Time unexpected fairy tale flash fiction writing contest previously.  I was so honored that Anna of Yearning for Wonderland asked me to donate a paperback copy of Awake: A Fairytale as one of the prizes.  I also entered my own piece, Red, just for fun.


Due to the overwhelmingly positive response they received, SJI Holliday and Anna Meade have put all of the contest entries into a compilation which is now available for purchase.  My piece is in included, as is a piece called The Monster by my good friend Christine.  Also! I am blurbed on the back of the paperback ’cause I’m obviously just the cat’s meow.



If you’re interested in short, unexpected fairy tales then you should definitely pick up a copy of this compilation.  It’s available now at Amazon in paperback for the ridiculously low price of $3.70.




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