Views from the Tower

The cool thing (one of the many) about being a self-published/indie author is that you have the freedom to change your mind.  I’ve been working on my collection of fairy tale shorts, Glimpses of Enchantment, and I noticed that several of my shorts weren’t fitting the siren/mermaid theme that is highlighted by the cover, but instead following another theme.  I’m all about being thematic, so I was torn.  I discussed the “problem” with my great story editor and cover designer, Victoria Austen-Young and we came up with the genius (cough, crazy, cough) scheme to have TWO short story collections.  Glimpses of Enchantment will be coming out…but not until November!


In the meantime, we are getting ready to release this thing of beauty at the beginning of August:



After spending her whole life isolated in a tower, Rapunzel’s salvation is finally at hand, but she may have merely traded one form of captivity for another…

Special Agent Alice Harrison of the Office of Narrative Order should know better than anyone not to follow a suspicious (and suspiciously good-looking) man in a white rabbit suit down a hole…

Miss Lucinda Beacham is bored. The endless balls and dances she must endure as a debutante hold no enjoyment for her—that is until she finds a frog sitting on the edge of a fountain, a frog who just so happens to know her name…

Being a fairy godmother isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re a junior in high school and your next assignment is your former crush…

Views from the Tower is a collection of short stories that offers new perspectives on some of your favorite fairy tales, including a trio of different takes on Rapunzel.  Each story offers a unique foray into the exciting world of fantasy, as well as a golden opportunity to see some well-known legends in a whole new light.


Oh, the prettiness of that cover!  I love it!  What do you think?


Linking this up with Fairy Tale Friday over at Books for Learning.





6 thoughts on “Views from the Tower

    1. Thanks Jaime! I have the best cover designer in the world and she’s willing to spend literally hours chatting with me while we canvas for photos 😉

      I hope you enjoy the fairy tale twists 😀

  1. Oh snap! Will this be ebook only, or paperback too? Because that is gorgeeeeeeous! ((Do you think she’d want to help me out? haha)) 😀


  2. As someone granted a sneak peak (early view?), I can guarantee these stories are fabulous. In fact, I think it’s time to read them again!

    Also, I really, really want Tori to do my next cover.

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