Waiting (im)Patiently and Some Pretty Pictures

I had this HUGE personal goal of getting Views from the Tower out to the reading public in July.  I thought I had met this goal by getting the Kindle version submitted to Amazon early yesterday morning (Barnes and Noble and other places still in the works!).  However, Amazon has decided that I need to prove my copyright to them, so I’ve sent off all my documentation from the copyright office and am now impatiently waiting for the Kindle version to be made available.


I am working on the paperback and the other various ebook formats to keep me busy (Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow so it’s not like I have to really try to keep busy) and I thought it would be fun to share some inspiration pics for the short stories in Views from the Tower with you!


I created a board on Pinterest called Views from the Tower – fairy tale short stories inspiration.  I hope you will check it out and enjoy all the lovelies.



There are eleven shorts in the collection, here is the world premiere (doesn’t that sound fancy?) of their titles!


View from the Tower: Captive
View from the Tower: Longing
View from the Tower: Hope
Chasing Storms
The Price of Beauty
Oh My Fairy Godmother
In Her Service
Mountain Rose
Down the Rabbit Hole
Magical Spell Support


I’ll let you know as I know anything more about the availability of Views but in the meantime enjoy the inspiration pics!


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