Lucky Sevens

I’ve been tagged in the 777 challenge again!  Thanks to the lovely Victoria Pearson for tagging me.  You can read a section from her work in progress here.



The rules: Take 7 sentences  (or in my case paragraphs) from either page 7 or 77 or your current WIP: that can be from a novel, short story, blog post or whatever.  Tag 7 other writers.  I have to admit that I’m out of writers to tag, so I’ll be skipping that bit!


This sample is from my short story collection Views from the Tower.  It’s from In Her Service, a retelling of the Frog Prince. It happens to be the 7th story in the collection. Here are 7 paragraphs taken from the 7th page…see how I did that? Clever girl.



In Her Service


“Fascinating.” She stared at him, absentmindedly taping her chin.
“Lucinda, stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like you want to pin me to paper and examine me under your magnifying glass like you did with all those unfortunate butterflies.”
“Don’t be silly Marcus, I could never pin a specimen your size to a paper. Not that I would,” she hastened to add when he made a strange, strangled-sounding noise.
“I find that quite reassuring,” he muttered.
There was silence for a moment. Lucinda continued staring at him through narrowed eyes. “Well?” she finally prompted.



I hope you enjoyed this little sample 🙂  As I said, I’m out of writer friends to tag, but make sure to visit Victoria’s site to see all the great writers she nominated to participate!


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