My Top Seven “Author” Moments

Awake has been out for a little bit over seven months.  It’s been an amazing adventure so far and I am so thankful to everyone who has made my first novel such a success.  I thought it would be fun to do a post with a list of my favorite “moments as an author” and because I’m seven months into this rollercoaster ride, I guess I’ll do a top 7!


7.  Hitting the 1,000 sales mark.  This was a huge milestone for me (and for any book actually, traditionally or independently published).  As a first time author with an advertising budget of exactly zero dollars, I was blessed to reach this goal within three months of publication.

6.  Being able to answer “I’m an author” when people ask what I do for a living.  This is seriously cool.

5.  Getting my first reader email telling me how much they enjoyed Awake.  I’ve received a few of these (and a few FB posts) and they make me smile for at least two days after.

4.  Seeing my first 5 star review.

3.  Having someone shelve my book on a shelf called “My Fictional Boyfriends.” Not going to lie, that’s pretty much how I feel about Luke too.

2.  Having a ten year old write and illustrate a book report for school about my book!  Many thanks to Maddie Sotis for this amazing report on Awake.

1.  Actually publishing my novel.  When I first saw my book live on the internet I had a surreal, Talking Heads “this is not my beautiful house” moment.  My author friend, Nancy, asked me “how does it feel to know your book is out there for everyone to read,” and I replied, “like I’m standing outside in my panties!”  Well, thank you all for not pointing and laughing at my state of undress and making this publishing journey such a hugely rewarding one!


6 thoughts on “My Top Seven “Author” Moments

  1. These are all the good and wonderful things in the world.
    Oh so very happy for you!!
    Not to mention, oh so very grateful you decided to share Luke with the world!!

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