More Secret Jane

What is Secret Jane, you ask? Secret Jane is an awesome month long project happening over on Indie Jane.  The goal is to share our love of Austen with the world by leaving copies of her novels in public places.

I did my first Secret Jane drop earlier this month when I left a copy of Northanger Abbey at my local Starbucks.

I was able to get four Dover Thrift editions of Austen novels on Amazon for only $9.50, so last week the kids and I set out with the books to share Jane at exotic locations such as McDonalds and Dairy Queen – basically anywhere we could walk.



James was nice enough to carry the books in his Angels backpack for us.


Our first stop was the McDonalds on Prospect in Helena, where we split a small fries and a drink and left Sense and Sensibility on our table all sneaky like.



Then we walked over to the Capitol Hill Mall.  There are only a few open stores and the place is ALMOST a ghost town, but we left Pride and Prejudice right outside the Claire’s, so we are hoping it gets picked up!



We left a copy of Emma outside the Dairy Queen (also on Prospect).  Maddie was very stealth.













The end of our long trek was the outside seating area at Starbucks, where James dropped Persuasion.



It felt good to spread a little Austen love in our town.  There’s still time to participate in Secret Jane.


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