An Instagram Rant about the Suckage of Edmund Bertram

I love Jane Austen. I really do.  Heck, I co-own an entire site dedicated to indie published Austenesque books.  So love might be slightly understating it.

There is one book of hers, however, that I just cannot love – Mansfield Park.  I admit that I have problems with Sense and Sensibility too.  It’s not my favorite, but I do not HATE it like I HATE Mansfield Park.

Truthfully, the biggest problem with Mansfield Park is its complete and utter lack of a hero.  Nancy talked about this on Indie Jane, basically a post about why Edmund Bertram (the “hero” of MP) sucks so bad.  After our recent Indie Jane group read of MP I went on a small rant on Instagram about WHY I HATE EDMUND BETRAM.

And I thought you all should see it.  Aren’t you just lucky?




You’re welcome.


10 thoughts on “An Instagram Rant about the Suckage of Edmund Bertram

  1. But you forgot the best one! It’s from early on in the book (because I ditched it pretty early, LOL!), but this:
    “Having formed her mind & gained her affections, he had a good chance of her thinking like him…”
    Proof: Edmund’s pretty much a creeper

      1. I think I made it a third of the way? I’d have to doublecheck – I left my bookmark in it, even, haha … It was just … yeah. I wanted to murder the book. And then dig Jane up and have a chat 😉 LOL!

  2. If only I could add some new idea to cause a controversy, but I can’t because I agree. “You are my only comfort” is pretty far from romantic. “I choose Fanny because she isn’t mean to me.”

    And I can’t add anything better than “big black hole of suckitude called Edmund.” That just really says it all.

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