Can I Get a Refund…

On the last three weeks?


Three weeks of being sick has put me so far behind on my writing schedule…and I have developed an allergy to Tylenol.  True story.  How is this even possible?


I didn’t even get a chance to announce the winner of my Austen giveaway (although I did email her and get her the books!), so congratulations to Misha on winning!


On the writing front – NaNoWriMo is just going to be a wash for me this year.  I haven’t been able to get myself where I needed to be before November.  However, I am getting really close to being done and dusted with Attempting Elizabeth and I am just in love with my main characters.  This is a good thing!  There have been some deep, dark, scary times in the writing of this book but some outside conflict, and some internal conflict, has forced me to refine and change the characters and it’s finally working out in a truly spectacular way.


So, while it’s disappointing that I won’t be getting a cool NaNoWriMo winner badge this year, and you know, that I can’t take Tylenol without breaking out in hives, there’s plenty I have to be grateful for…


But I would still like a refund on the last three weeks.


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