Hey, howdy, hey!  I’ve been DEEP in edits for Attempting Elizabeth…making a desperate push to have it out this year (ahem, not happening),  but it’s looking like early next year for sure! (Next year is like in three weeks, assuming we survive the Mayan Apocalypse)…


While I haven’t posted here in ages, I haven’t been completely absent from the interwebs.  I’ve been working on getting Indie Jane up and running again after The Great Malware Debacle of 2012.  Today I have a review of Once Upon a Second Chance which is a modern, chick-litesque adaptation of Austen’s Persuasion up on Indie Jane. The awesome thing? This review was blurbed on the back cover of the paperback version of Once Upon a Second Chance. So cool!  Oh! And there’s a giveaway for two SIGNED paperback copies as well!



What else have I been up to?  Well, it may come as a shock to you that I love baseball…


Waiting for your shocked face….


Or maybe not.



I also love the Angels (so, so, so much love) and I was asked to write a feature article for a huge Angels baseball blog called AngelsWin.com. I would totally squee here but that might make me seem to air-headed to be discussing baseball seriously.  And I am nothing if not serious… but please to know: The excitement. It overwhelms me.  I’d love if if you checked out my first article there!  Even if you aren’t a baseball fan I think you will still find it funny.


I hope to have updates on Attempting Elizabeth soon for you!  Can’t wait to share more – including a shiny new blurb!




One thought on “Randomosity

  1. Honey, it’s okay to squee. I squee over football, but the boys still take me seriously when it gets down to business 😉 LOL …

    Super cool stuffs! Minus, you know, the M-debacle … But YAY for being back 😀

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