I am NOT doing any official reading challenges this year.  I’ve said no to them all, even ones that sounded brilliant and easy to accomplish.  It’s a matter of principle (and not making myself feel like a fail).

However, I have been doing my own personal Sherlock Holmes “challenge.”  Really the challenge is to stop reading before 3 am.  It’s not a challenge to read any of these books.  I’ve been working my way through The Complete Sherlock Holmes.



The Complete Sherlock Holmes



All of the Sherlock Holmes novels and short story collections are out of copyright and can be found on Project Gutenberg if you want to read them for free.  For some reason, the collection I’m reading seems to no longer be available on Amazon.  I don’t even pretend to understand why…I like the cover though.

I’ve previously read all the novels, but this is a fun read through.  I’d read about half of the short stories before, and it is all the more fun to read them now with the BBC series in mind. They’re in pre-production for Series Three – which of these classic stories are they going to do next? (I hear they are going to do The Adventure of the Empty House the story in which Sherlock Holmes returns after 3 years after his “death” at the Reichenbach Falls in The Final Problem.

Do you have a favorite Sherlock story?  My favorite of the novels is Hounds of the Baskervilles.  My favorite shorts collection is The Return of Sherlock Holmes, but it’s so hard to pick just one!


4 thoughts on “Sherlocked!

  1. I tried reading them back in high school, but I couldn’t really get into them. After blowing through Doctor Who this summer, I watched Sherlock and was blown away. The mysteries are just dressing to the main course that is Cumberbatch/Freeman. They have better chemistry than almost any pairing I know.

    1. *gasp* None of them? Oh, Cecilia–you are in for a treat. I’m trying to read through the entire canon too, though I think I need some kind of list.

      Jess, what was the name of that book analyzing Sherlock that we both wanted to read? It was supposed to come out this spring…

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