Support Austen Admirers – Get Attempting Elizabeth

…and lots of other awesome stuff!

Austen Admirers is this great application for smart phones built by Angie Kroll that connects you to Austen blogs and Austenesque authors and it’s going to be FREE for users, bloggers, and authors.  Angie is running a Kickstarter project to offset the cost of hosting the application.


If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website that allows users (like you and me) to “crowd fund” creative projects.  It’s a great way to be a patron of the arts (and new technology) for those of us who aren’t quite millionaires yet.

The Austen Admirers project has 4 days left to hit reach it’s goal of $3,300.  If all the money isn’t pledged then the project will not receive any of the money pledged!  You can be a backer for Austen Admirers for as little as $1.  If you want to pledge more there are some truly great rewards. Plus, on top of the already existing rewards, authors have donated books for different pledge levels – if you pledge $25 you get a copy of Attempting Elizabeth on top of all the other cool things!  Here is a complete list of all the extra rewards.  If you were to pledge $100 you’d receive fifteen novels (15!!!) plus a cameo in an upcoming Abigail Reynolds novel!  That is crazy!


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