Introducing the Newsletter of Awesomeness

Guess what! I now have a mailing list! *checks things off of To Do List for July 2011*

Yeah, I’m a little bit late to the game, but I’m here now so the party can start!  And by party I mean:

Jessica’s Epic Newsletter of Awesomeness


What will this newsletter include?  I’m so glad you asked!  It will have updates on cool things like release dates and projects. Plus, giveaways just for subscribers.

Also, I swear on everything pure and holy to not spam you or send you a newsletter more than once a month (and let’s be honest here, it will probably be more like every other month).

No Spam

The first newsletter will be going out near the end of this month with more information about the upcoming release of Atone: A Fairytale plus a giveaway!

So you wanna be a part of my Epic Newsletter of Awesomeness?  Sign up here.




2 thoughts on “Introducing the Newsletter of Awesomeness

  1. I JUST finished “Attempting Elizabeth” – very fun with just the right amoung ot snark. Can’t wait to use “angels may have sung” in conversation some time (though it may be some time indeed). Congratulations and I look forward to reading more awesomeness.

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