This Week’s Recommendations

I’ve started posting daily book recommendations on Facebook and Twitter and thought it’d be fun to do a weekly round up post.  I just started this week, so there’s only three recommendations!

1.  My Dear Sophy by Kimberly Truesdale.  This is a fun prequel to Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  Love it, love the cover.

My Dear Sophy

2 .  Spellcaster by Claudia Gray.  My friend Nancy lent me this book (did you know you can lend books to other Kindle users? You should share with your friends when you like a book!).  This is an entertaining and very visually written YA paranormal.  Read it in one sitting!


3.  The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald.  Going old school for this one.  I love this book.  I love pretty much everything by MacDonald.  You can actually get the Kindle version for free, or you can get an illustrated Kindle version for $2.99.  The illustrations are really stellar.

The Princess and the Goblin

I’m actually thinking of doing a MacDonald reading challenge this year to reread my favorites plus the ones I’ve managed to miss.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Recommendations

  1. I love the cover of MY DEAR SOPHY–it’s so fitting and perfect. I really should read it sometime.

    I have a bunch of George MacDonald’s stuff, but so far the only one I’ve read is THE MAIDEN’S BEQUEST. It was years ago that I read it, but I remember loving it.

    Have a great weekend, Jessica! 🙂

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