The What To Work On Next Dilemma

Here’s the thing.  I have way too many projects on the docket.

In fact, sometimes I think my brain comes up with new project ideas just to avoid thinking about whatever I’m currently working on.  Now that Atone is in the editing stages I’m trying to decide which of my many story ideas I am going to focus on next.  Some have had more prep work than others, some even have words written, some are just basic plot ideas that I dream about while I’m doing super important things like laundry.

My list includes:

A Regency romance (As I’ve said before, straight historical kind of scares me)

A YA paranormal set in modern day Montana (I am not at all joking when I say this came to me in a dream)

A retelling of the fairy tale All-Kinds-of-Fur/Allerleirauh (there’s actually words written on this one!)

A novelization of my flash fiction version of Red Riding Hood (you guys, I’m gonna take archery lessons)

Lilia’s story – Aspire: A Fairytale

A YA fantasy that involves dragons (words written here too, in fact, the short Chasing Storms from Views from the Tower is from this novel)

And this is my “NARROWED DOWN to what I want to work on next” list of projects.  Obviously I have issues with focus (cue my mother saying “no, really?”)

If you’re a writer how do you pick your next project?

As a reader, 0f the listed projects what are you most interested in reading?


14 thoughts on “The What To Work On Next Dilemma

  1. With so many great project ideas it’s no wonder you’re having a hard time deciding! Those all sound fantastic, Jessica. I know what you mean, though. I have a bunch of notebooks with notes for shiny ideas and I just want to dive in and start writing them. Problem is, I’m stuck in the middle of a rewrite on one story and once that’s done, I’m set to revise another.

    I suppose the problem of having too many ideas is so much better than not having any, right? 🙂

  2. I can’t choose! I want to read them all just as much as you want to write them!

    But I would say… choose something you haven’t done before. So maybe steer clear of another fairytale adaptation for the time being?

  3. All sound really interesting but selfishly I would like to read lilia’s story;) the paranormal romance sounds pretty interesting

  4. Aspire! Keep the series momentum going. According to anecdotal evidence, after 6 months, reader interest in a series wanes and you have to rebuild. Skip the rebuilding. Plus then you can make a box set.

    1. Jennifer, that makes sense. I just wanted a palate cleanser. If I do a series in the future I think I’ll postpone the release of the first until the others are closer to done.

      1. I can totally understand wanting to step away from that world for a bit. I do like the idea of having several volumes of a series ready to go and then releasing them as you finish the last books. That’s what I’d like to do in the future too, and that’s what trad pubs do with certain genres. It would sure take the pressure off.

  5. Jennifer’s advice is solid. Get Aspire done and out, maybe even by Christmastime? (I realize as I say this that there are only 7 months left, so that might not be possible.) January/February would still be within that six month window though!

    Have I mentioned I’m super tempted to do a short story about Mary Bennet’s courtship, perhaps even just to post to my blog? Same reasoning–I want to keep people interested in the series.

    1. Nancy, I love the idea of Mary’s courtship as a short story. You could even sell it like “Maria Lucas.” Shorts don’t sell as well as novels, but it’s another way to gain visibility.

  6. While I’d love to see more progress on your current series I think it’d be good to get a bit of diversification. You’ll be working on this while editing Atone? Given that it may be good to do writing on something different so there is a clearer break between the works.

    And I must admit I’m intrigued by Archery lessons… so working on the Red Riding story is my vote.

  7. Red –> Dragons –> Aspire
    Unless Aspire will give me more Nicholas, then write that one next 😉
    I like the idea of archery lessons … my Elven self should do that … Also, I’m uber curious about the Montana paranormal — I’ve got a couple literal-dream inspirations myself, so yeah. Curious 🙂

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