I Am a Disney-aholic…and I Am Not Ashamed

I love Disneyland.  Love it beyond reason.  I have this not so secret goal to support myself as a writer so that I can move back to Southern California and become a tour guide at Disneyland…like, I want to work to support more working.  It would be awesome.  Hot, sweaty, plaid-wearing awesome.

Before we had kids, my hubs and I had annual passes to Disneyland and that’s where we went on dates.  We hardly ever went “away” for the weekend as my husband was on call ALL OF THE TIME (this is what happens when you’re self-employed, you never get a day off or a vacation), but we loved going to Disneyland for shows and dinner.  We even used to do special days, like spend an entire day in one land and make sure to do all the rides.

My adorable kids getting Ariel’s autograph

When I met my good friend here in Montana and found out she was also a Disney-aholic (she’s from Florida and had annual passes to Walt Disney World) it was like finding someone who spoke the same language or was from the same home town as you while you were traveling abroad.  And we both said the same thing about visiting the parks: “It’s like going home!”

Here’s the funny thing: I have never, ever been to WDW. I am a So. Cal girl and a Disneyland dweller at heart.  Being able to pay for our trip to Disneyland last year with my writing earnings was EPIC.  And being able to take my kids to the park at this age was so cool (they’d been several times before we moved, but now they’re old enough to be involved).  My son James is also a Disney-aholic and has worn through TWO Disney Vacation Planning DVDs.  It is his go to entertainment.

My new goal is to take my family (and Becca our friend/not-quite-but-almost-family-member) to WDW next year.  So for the next year or so I’m “writing for WDW.”  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Where is your favorite place in the world and how often do you get to visit?  Do you love Disney like I do?  If you do you must check out my fellow author and friend Natalie who is a Disney Vacation Planner and helping me get my WDW ducks in a row! Plus, she posts awesome Disney related stuff to her Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “I Am a Disney-aholic…and I Am Not Ashamed

  1. I am definitely a Disney–aholic! Before I moved here we, would try I go yearly. Now that I LIVE here, we have annual passes (of course!). I think I love it more than my kids.. seriously.

  2. I went to Disney (WDW) once, the year I turned 7. That was … a long time ago. I want to go again, now that I’m grown up. Plus, you know, there’s that small detail about personally knowing A Prince (or few) 😉 ((Which also means I’ve got a free in to the park … I just have to, uh, make it happen)) … Maybe, just maybe, this can work out …
    … and what if I’m there when you’re there?! The world might collapse, hahahaha 😉

  3. We’re from Pennsylvania, but a few years ago my husband got a one-year internship at a medical center in Florida. We got our annual passes to WDW almost as soon as we got our Florida licenses. It was amazingly awesome! We’d go for the day or sometimes just for dinner, and we played host to a number of friends and relatives who would come down to go to the parks with us. We even made it a goal to get a picture with every character we could find (and there are TWO poster-sized collages hanging in our dining room with the results of our efforts). We’ve since moved back to PA, but we miss WDW a lot, especially since we now have two kids.

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