The first week of June Book Recs!  Here’s what I recommended on Twitter and Facebook this week (I even read two of these this week!)


1.  Graceling by Kristin Cashore

I finally read this book after having wanted to for years.  I shouldn’t have waited.  You also should not wait if you haven’t read it.  Go get it now!  The Kindle edition is $5.  Steal.

Trophy Husband

2. Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

This was super fun, sexy, and proof that geeks can be hot (I think I was already firmly in that camp, but I like to read other authors who agree with me!)  This is definitely not YA there’s quite a bit of (well written) sexy times happening.

Spindle's End

3.  Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley

Quite possibly my second favorite McKinley of all time and my top favorite Sleeping Beauty retelling (I can’t count my own because that would be awkward).  I feel McKinley is at her best here with how she writes magic. Love it.

The Big Sleep

4.  The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

In Attempting Elizabeth I have Kelsey talk about her undergrad thesis being on this book…spoiler alert! So was mine!  Well, it wasn’t the thesis for my “capstone class” ’cause that was a super lame paper about how I grew as a student, but my manifesto on the Big Sleep was for a huge class in my senior year and got me into grad school (and then I NEVER WENT)…all of this sounds really boring.  This book is not boring.  This book is awesome.  I love it.  The rain in Awake: A Fairytale was my homage to this book.


5.  Changelings & Other Stories by Leah Cypess

This is a really entertaining, thought-provoking, solid collection of fantasy based short stories.  They’re all quite good.  They all leave you wanting more.

What are you reading this weekend?


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