All I Ever Have to Be

I have a lot of goals.  Some of them are realistic and some of them are crazy.  Even some of the realistic ones I make crazy by putting ridiculous deadlines and expectations on myself.  My mom always used to say “your eyes are bigger than your tummy” and she meant that about pretty much everything, not just 8 year old me at the Sizzler salad bar.

It’s not secret that I love Amy Grant.  I flew to LA in July to visit my friends and see her in concert and I put a bunch of my favorite Amy albums on my phone.  This means that occasionally a song pops up that really speaks to me.  And this week it was All I Ever Have to Be.

I just wanted to share this song because it’s gotten me through a pretty hard week.  Deadlines will come and go.  Creativity will come and go.  The amount of work I can flog out of myself will change.  But some things last forever, and I’m glad I have that assurance.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


4 thoughts on “All I Ever Have to Be

  1. I didn’t know you were an Amy Grant fan! I saw her in concert when I was 16, and I saw her again in June. Wasn’t it amazing??

    I also love this song. Such profound lyrics about life and love and God and letting go of the daily grind.

    1. Liz, oh yes! My first concert was the Lead Me On tour at the Forum in LA when I was 9 🙂 And the tour this year was really amazing. My friend got our tickets and we were 10 rows up from the stage!

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