Views from the Depths Is Here!

I’m excited to announce that Views from the Depths is now available!  And look at the gorgeous new cover my designer Tori created for it!


Views from the Depths is a collection of four short story fairy tale retellings.  It can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

You can also add it on Goodreads!

I don’t include an acknowledgement section in my short story collections, but I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who encouraged me while I was writing Views from the Depths.  First and foremost, Nancy Kelley, who encouraged me to keep writing these stories when I was unsure how the character voices in my head were going to resolve themselves.  To my early readers Rebecca Nyenhuis, Melissa Buell, and Rebecca Fleming I owe a huge debt of gratitude.  Thanks to my editor Mark House who always gives me the very best.  And of course thank you to my fabulous cover designer Victoria Austen-Young because without her talent and friendship I would be lost.  Thank you all so very much!



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