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Atone: A Fairytale is Available in Audiobook Format

I am so thrilled to announce that Atone: A Fairytale is now available in audiobook format. I absolutely adore the narrator Randi Larson.  She’s done an amazing job!  Hearing Becca and Nicholas come to life is so much fun!

You can grab a copy of the audio at Audible and on Amazon (iTunes coming soon). If you’ve purchased a kindle copy you can get a discounted rate on the audio at Amazon.


Once again, a huge thank you to my amazing designer Victoria Austen Young for creating a gorgeous audiobook cover.

I hope you enjoy the audio of Atone as much as I have!


Fairytale Trilogy Titles

On the very last page of Awake: A Fairytale (hidden a bit under the About the Author blurb) there is an About the Fairytale Trilogy section that introduces the titles and (extremely non-specific) release dates for the next two books in the trilogy.  I just realized this morning that I have never actually posted about them here on the site!  I really have no excuse other than being completely consumed by the release of Awake.



About the Fairytale Trilogy

The Fairytale Trilogy by Jessica Grey is a series of Young Adult fantasy novels that are a new envisioning of classic fairy tales. The series follows three teenage girls as they are drawn into stories that they once thought were only make-believe.

Awake: A Fairytale –2012

Atone: A Fairytale – 2013

Aspire: A Fairytale – 2014

For more information on the Fairytale Trilogy please visit

And as an added bonus I have promised the lovely @Jennwith4 a sneak peak before baseball season begins…something about her knowing I watch every game and her being afraid it will mean I don’t work on the book or some such (totally true and realistic) nonsense.*  So look for a fun blurb introducing the story plus an excerpt before April 6th.

*Before the regular season, not spring training as that has already begun. And yes I have watched/listened to every Angels  game so far.