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Atone: A Fairytale is Available in Audiobook Format

I am so thrilled to announce that Atone: A Fairytale is now available in audiobook format. I absolutely adore the narrator Randi Larson.  She’s done an amazing job!  Hearing Becca and Nicholas come to life is so much fun!

You can grab a copy of the audio at Audible and on Amazon (iTunes coming soon). If you’ve purchased a kindle copy you can get a discounted rate on the audio at Amazon.


Once again, a huge thank you to my amazing designer Victoria Austen Young for creating a gorgeous audiobook cover.

I hope you enjoy the audio of Atone as much as I have!


The Atone Blog Tour is Here!

I’m very excited to have Giselle from Xpresso Book Tours hosting a review blog tour for Atone: A Fairytale.  It starts next week on the 16th and there will be an opportunity to win an ebook copy of Atone at each stop on the tour!  There’s also a tour wide giveaway for a signed paperback!  I’m including the rafflecopter below so that you can also enter here.


Make sure to visit these lovely bloggers as they post their reviews of Atone.  A huge thank you to all of them for participating in the tour!

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Atone Now Available in Paperback

Atone: A Fairytale is now available in paperback! You can snag a copy from Amazon or from the Createspace store.  If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member you can get free shipping two day shipping!


The paperback is gorgeous and I love it.  I cannot say enough good things about my cover designer, Victoria Austen-Young.  It’s the little things that really make the difference and she is fabulous at them!

Thank You!

Atone: A Fairytale came out a two weeks ago tomorrow and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought and read it, as well as to Patty, Melissa, Jennifer, and Candyce who have reviewed it on Amazon.  I am thrilled that readers are enjoying Becca’s and Nicholas’s story.

It’s also really exciting to me that Atone has spent almost the entire two weeks as a featured “hot new release” on Amazon’s YA Fairy Tales & Folklore genre list.  That is so cool!  Thank you all for helping make this happen!

hot new releases


Summer of Fairy Tales

Summer is here. Or that’s what the tell me.  So far it has consisted of cold rain storm after cold rain storm for us.  And hail.  And a few rainbows thrown in so we don’t go completely mad.  I am dying for some warm weather!

And this is the last week of June! Nobody panic!  Okay, I am panicking a little bit (just a teeny tiny bit) because I had set June 30th as my goal date for Atone.  I knew at the time that I set it that it was a little unrealistic and life conspired against me in the form of having a medical issue that laid me up for almost 5 weeks.  This definitely put a damper on my schedule.  I am pleased to report, however, that Atone is with my editor.

This means we are really in the final, final stages of getting Atone out.  However, it also means that the release date might be pushed back a few weeks.  I want to make sure to get the best possible product out!

And now for some more fairy tale news!  Hopefully news that’s more fun than “you have to wait longer.”  I’m working on my second collection of fairy tale short stories called Glimpses of Enchantment.  I hope to have it out to you in August.  The best part? The cover is already done!  You may remember that originally Views from the Tower was going to be Glimpses, but halfway through I changed direction and ended up with a collection that needed a different perspective and title.  I’ve been working on a grouping of shorts that really fit the thematic ideas I envision for the title and cover of Glimpses, so I’m excited to get to use this cover!  Here it is in all its gorgeousness:


I’m excited! I can’t wait to share these new perspectives on fairy tales with you!

Atone and Awake

In case you missed it last week the cover of Atone: A Fairytale has been officially unveiled.  I love it so much.  My designer is amazing and I can’t say enough about her.  She also just happens to be the best story editor I’ve ever had. Thanks Tori for being awesome!


To celebrate the imminent release of the second book in The Fairytale Trilogy,  I’ve put Awake: A Fairytale on sale for 99 cents in ebook form.


You can pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.