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New Year – New Goals

All right, it’s that time again. Setting goals for the New Year.  You can check out my post about being kind to yourself and setting realistic goals over on Indie Jane.  This is something I need to seriously remind myself of not just when I make my goals list, but also throughout the year as I start adding things onto the list.  I always, always add on.  It’s a sickness.

Here are my writing/publishing specific goals for the new year.  Hopefully you’ll help keep me accountable! That whole “putting it out there so someone else knows your goals” is always a good idea.

1.  Finish Sun, Moon, Stars.

I’m making a big push this month to finish the rough draft of this fairy tale adaptation.

2.  Publish Sun, Moon, Stars. 

I’m hoping to get this novel out to you guys by May! (Notice I didn’t give a specific date in May, lol).

3.  Finish Aspire.

This book – it lives in my head but it’s having a hard time coming out through my fingers.  This could be because it’s currently in “chose your own adventure” mode in my brain, there are three possible paths and I need to PICK ONE!

4. Publish Aspire

Look for it in September-ish of this year!

5.  Write the Rough Draft of Red. 

This is going to be my October – December project. I’m kind of giving up on the whole NaNoWriMo idea because November is literally the worst month of the year for me to try it.  But my “end of the year” writing will be on Red.

6. Publish the Fairytale Trilogy Omnibus.

Once Aspire is out I can publish an ebook with all three novels. This excites me!

7. Work on Austen Co-Authoring Project with Melissa Buell.

This is a really exciting project idea and now that we are past the holidays, I’m hoping we can carve out more time!

That’s it for my 2014 writing/publishing goals.  I do have blogging goals (I hope to be more consistent here, and I have another potential project in the works).  I always start out saying I’m going to be kind to myself and then the list looks way intimidating!  Scarily, this is my pared down goals list!

What are your goals (writing or otherwise) this year?



Sun, Moon, Stars

I’ve wanted to write a version of Allerleirauh (All-Kinds-of-Fur or Thousand Furs) ever since I was a teenager.  If you’ve never read it, I suggest you check out it out here (there’s also an annotated version of the variant Donkeyskin at Sur la Lune)  It’s a complex tale; it starts off incredibly dark and deals with some pretty heavy topics (like threatened incest) and yet as far as fairy tale heroines goes, Allerleirauh is one of the most self-determining.  I love that she doesn’t just wait around for bad things to happen to her but makes a plan and escapes.

 All Kinds of Fur

When people ask me what the fairy tale is about I tend to compare it to Cinderella, because of the dresses and balls,  but I think Allerleirauh is definitely a more kick ass heroine.  But the original definitely leaves some room for interpretation.  Why does she choose dresses like the sun, the moon, and the stars?  What’s up with the charms?  Did the king in the new kingdom really not realize the mysterious princess was Allerleirauh?  It’s so fun to get into the details and figure out why the characters act the way they do?

Also, I’ve full on fallen in love with the hero of this novel.  I won’t tell you much other than that his name is Frederick and he’s flat out awesome.

Princess Furball

What say you?  Have you ever read a version of Allerleirauh?  I highly recommend the picture book Princess Furball by Charlotte Huck as it got me hooked on this tale (and cause it’s for kids there’s no “marriage to her father,” it’s marriage to an ogre instead).  If you’ve read it, why do you think she picked those dresses?  Why do you think she slipped charms into the soup, and what on earth was their purpose?  (Note: I do have answers for these, but I don’t want to spoil you yet!)

And if you’ve got time on your hands check out my pinterest inspiration board for Sun, Moon, Stars.  It’s still a work in progress.