Love Story

People seem to fall into two camps:  Those who love Taylor Swift and those who hate her.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground where she is concerned.


I’m not really looking to get into a debate on the relative merits of her voice or her songwriting.  I enjoy her music and I have her on my writing play list for two reasons. . . 1) it helps me get into the YA mindset, and 2) so many of her songs are about fairy tales, happy endings, and teenagers being in love.  It all sort of filters through my mind as I’m delving into those very topics.


Also, the clothes in her videos are amazing.  Seriously, if you love historical dresses (okay, more like homages to historical dresses) you are going to love this video.  Basically, these dresses make me drool.  Also, there’s a cute guy in a cravat.



The whole video is just pretty.  And sometimes we need some pretty!


5 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. Taylor Swift pretty much covers all the emotions that teen girls experience relating to love. Everything from crushes to breakups to imagining married life. I like most of her songs, and the costumes (and building) in this music vid are great! If only we were all so lucky…

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